Basically the possibilities are endless, from 30m2 to 3000m2, up to four floors with 500 KN/m2 without sacrificing strength. The structure can change overtime.
This year you need 10 boxes but next year you want to build a second floor, make it larger, wider or higher. Basically real-estate that is not fixed but flexible.

The structures are transformable, can be completely dismantled, no deprecation or waste but re-use and recovery. We build circular real estate.


The image on the right is a single box as a point of sale or showcase, top facades and an awning for decoration.


  • Semi-permanent structures for weeks, months or years.
  • Structures can change over time, bigger, smaller, taller.
  • Layering structures with multiple functions.
  • Temporary offices or restaurants. during renovations.
  • VIP Lounges.

The image on the left, 10 box configuration F & B, Shops, Information boots and layer deck. 300m2 ground floor and 300m2 layer deck.


We can roughly build 4 to 6 boxes per day, we can fit roughly 6 - 8  boxes on a truck, this all depends on the foundation, location, sort of facades and interior.

For bigger configurations the construction times will vary.

Configurations can be constructed up to 4 floors with load performances of 500 KN/m2. More levels is possible with lower load demands.