ShellterWOOD. has developed the SW B5 BOX: a modular and reusable wooden GL structure, laminated spruce with high thermal insulation properties

The boxes can be used for temporary, semi- and permanent constructions. They can be used for various functions, such as housing, supermarket, restaurants, stages, layer decks, exhibitions, temporary offices, residential and other functions.

Depending on the regulations or wishes of the client the SW B5 BOXES can be built with different levels of insulation performance. Even a variant for residential use is possible when applying the prefabricated CircuWallPanels.  They replace a traditional build outside wall in a circular way and have the necessary thermal, vapour- and airtightness, vapour open, water closed performances.

Our SW B5 BOXES are stackable and linkable, allowing for a transformable building with an infinite number of configurations. The construction is quick and simple, dismantling without damage or loss of materials. 

All elements are designed for re-use, in other words, the SW B5 BOXES are truly circular constructions. The materials we use are biobased as much as possible, which means that not only the polluting impact of the known traditional building materials be avoided, but a positive CO2 buffer is achieved.

Optimized transportation and construction also reduce the ecological footprint.


The image on the right shows the flexibility of the SW B5 Box System.

1 Base Box
2 Ceiling/floor standard
3 Ceiling/floor insulated
4 Floor standard
5 Floor insulated
6 Awning
7 Balustrade glass
8 Balustrade perforated
9 Wall standard
10 Wall simple insulated
11 Wall CircuWall Panel
12 Glass standard
13 Glass double isolated
14 Glass triple isolated
15 Glass door standard
16 Glass door isolated

Short-term structures or long-term structures, can be constructed according to your wishes