The 5,5m x 5,5m grid of our modular SW B5 BOX system is an optimal building block for beach clubs or beach restaurants, and its cost-efficient, removable, modular and flexible. The sky is the limit, your club can grow and expand when expansion is necessary. Change the configuration each year to give your customers a fresh experience. The robust look and feel will fit perfectly on the beach and the durability of the materials will withstand all climates. For a short season, you can choose not to insulate the structure, for a longer season you can choose to use light insulation, for a year-round use you can choose to use the more permanent insulation option.


  • Circular and sustainable.
  • Small transportation and construction footprint.
  • Cross-laminated spruce with high thermal insulation properties.
  • Build, dismantle and rebuild.
  • Modular and flexible, grow and adapt to your needs.
  • Depending on suppliers, the installation can also be modular.
  • Various degrees of insulation.

The image on the right shows an example of a 34-box building with a footprint of 27,5 m x 22m, 600 m² on the ground floor and 420m² on the first floor with a 180 m² terrace if needed the roof can be a 420m² terrace. 


  • Pre-fabricated technical units can be custom fitted.
  • Finishes and look-and-feel to fit the developer's wishes.
  • Up to four stories high.
  • Optional balconies.
  • Inside or outside stairs.
  • Extra amenities can be added.


The 5,5 x 5,5 m box structure, is modular and circular, you can grow and expand your structure over time. The warmth of the wood gives your beach club a high-end look and feel, a beach club or pavilion can have multiple floors and terraces. 

Just before the closing of the Floriade we have created some amazing drone images of a similar structure.

The Floriade closed on the 14th of October 2022, we started disassembling our structures on the first of November, and all the structures are now ready for a new home.