The 5,5m x 5,5m grid of our modular SW B5 BOX system is an optimal building block for small studios, its cost efficiency and re-usability make for an ideal solution to solve the housing shortage for students and starters. The 3 boxes wide, 3 box high configuration creates a 16,5m wide and 9m high construction, the size of the area determines the number of boxes. Each unit is a 35 m² studio with a complete kitchen and bathroom with toilet and shower.  The centrally placed technical installations make for easy assembling and dissembling. The pre-fabricated kitchen and bathroom unit is also removable and reusable.  The complete structure can be dismantled and reassembled in a different location.


  • Circular and sustainable.
  • Small transportation and construction footprint.
  • Cross-laminated spruce with high thermal insulation properties.
  • Build, dismantle and rebuild.
  • Modular and flexible, grow and adapt to your needs.
  • Pre-fabricated plumping and electricity and other technical installations, for easy assembly.
  • Various degrees of insulation.

The image on the right shows an example of a 54 studio building on a footprint of 50 m x 16,5m, it is possible to construct this building in roughly 10/12 weeks and dismantle it in roughly 6/8 weeks.  Construction depends on permits and ground preparations.


  • Pre-fabricated technical units can be custom fitted.
  • Finishes and look-and-feel to fit the developer's wishes.
  • Up to four stories high.
  • Optional balconies.
  • Inside or outside stairs.
  • Extra amenities can be added.

The image on the left is an example of the central area, look-and-feel is adaptable.


Each unit is 34 m² in size, with a standard bathroom and kitchen unit, the style of the kitchen, equipment and fittings can be customizable.
The central hallway is 3,5m wide, and internal or external stairs can be fitted. The optional balcony can add up to 5 m².