The flexible grid of our modular SW B5 BOX system is an optimal building block for temporary or semi-permanent schools, it is cost-efficient, removable, modular and flexible. The grid can be 5, 7,5 or 10 meters. The school can grow over time, and be dismantled and re-used. Our aim is to be 100% reusable, we work with our installations partners to always keep this a key focus.  For small elementary or bigger middle schools, anything can be built. 


  • Circular and sustainable.
  • Small transportation and construction footprint.
  • Cross-laminated spruce with high thermal insulation properties.
  • Build, dismantle and rebuild.
  • Modular and flexible, grow and adapt to your needs.
  • Depending on suppliers, the installation can also be modular.
  • Various degrees of insulation.

The images on this page is a 98-box building with a footprint of 44 m x 33m, 1452 m² on the ground floor and 1089 m² on the first floor. The central location and atrium is 363 m². 6 classrooms of 82,5 m². This is a sketch design, the atrium roof is a custom part.


  • Pre-fabricated technical units can be custom fitted.
  • Finishes and look-and-feel to fit the developer's wishes.
  • Up to four stories high.
  • Optional balconies.
  • Inside and/or outside stairs.
  • Extra amenities can be added.


The 5,5 x 5,5 m box structure, is modular and circular, you can grow and expand your structure over time. The warmth of the wood gives your school a high-end look and feel and is completely durable and circular.