Circuit Zandvoort DGP Founders Lounge

Circuit Zandvoort Dutch Grand Prix -  Champions Lounge 

For racing circuit Zandvoort and the Dutch Grand Prix, we have designed and constructed a new Champion's Lounge.
Located at the Arie Luyendyk banked corner, it's giving a 180 degree wide view of the complete track. On a 14m high dune,  
looking down the long straight, you can follow the cars around the track.

1950 m² of flexible hospitality space on two levels and a 240m² trackside terrace on each level.

This new lounge was constructed with the parts from 2 Floriade structures we dismantled at the end of 2022.
We have added a 11m wide and 6 m high plenary hall of 180m².

This building showcases the circular and transformable aspect of our design philosophy, zero waste, bio-based.




Start construction:
June 15 2023

Completed :
August 15 2023

Client :
Circuit Zandvoort / DGP


2 Floors 

31 Box ground floor - 930 m2
8 Box terrace - 240 m2

23 Box first floor  - 540 m2
8 Box terrace - 240 m2 

Inside and outside stairs