Floriade Shellter – Roots Restaurant

Floriade Kavel 11 - Flora's Kitchen & The Dutch 

Full self-service restaurant with seating for 150 people on the ground floor and a big terras for 100 people, the second floor has an ala carte restaurant with luxury seating for 75 people and a terras with 75 seats. Compass Group is responsible for both restaurants.

In October 2021 we started designing this structure, in January 2022 we could start production. Together with Arcadis and the Floriade we could start working on the foundation and infrastructure. The first parts arrived at the end of February, we began construction at the end of February, and parts would arrive during construction.




Start construction:
February 20 2022

Completed :
April 10 2022

Client :
Floriade BV


2 Floors 
20 Box ground floor - 600 m2
Flora's Kitchen - Self Service Restaurant
14 Box first floor  - 420 m - 180 mterras
The Dutch - A la Carte  Restaurant
Double inside and temporary outside stairs
From Start to Finish

During 7 weeks we constructed the first Floriade structure.

From the start of the project in August 2021, the design has changed several times, bigger, smaller, higher, and requirements keep changing, just for the start of the construction, the functionality of the top floor changed. The JIT delivery was pushed to its limits. Every 4 days a new truck arrived with 6 to 8 boxes.

The Floriade will be dismantled in October 2022, every foundation must be removed, and using piles was no option.

The Floriade area is in Flevoland province near the city of Almere, it is the newest province and 60 years ago this area was still water, a solid layer can be found at 26m in depth. Together with Arcadis, we had to design a creative, temporary and affordable solution.

Our foundation is usually 2 x 2 m stelcon plates, easy to place and easy to remove. On these stelcons we place our connectors and build from there.

Drone footage from Oktober 2022

Just for permanently closing the Floriade event 2022 we have recorded these drone videos. Early in the morning, perfect sunlight. To showcase the great location and the ShellterWOOD structure kavel 11.