Floriade Shellter – Roots Restaurant
ASML Building 45 Temporary Restaurant

Tomorrowland Dreamville Marketplace - RedBull Basecamp

On the ground floor 300 m2 storage, cooling, technique and drinks point of sales, on the first floor 300 mRedBull Basecamp, a VIP area with a swing, drinks, a DJ booth and a slide on the stairs.

In 2019 we started working on the Dreamville Marketplace, 2 years of Covid has postponed Tomorrowland, finally, in 2022 we could realise the plans.
We started in the middle of June 2022 and were ready before the first weekend of Tomorrowland 2022 on the 15th of July.




Start construction:
June 15 2022

Completed :
July 14 2022

Client :


2 Floors 
10 Box ground floor - 300 m2
Storage, technique and 5 F & B 
10 Box first floor  - 300 m2
VIP area with bar, seating and slides
Separate construction of  2 box F & B 60 m2