The ShellterWOOD.  B5 Box is a reusable wooden box structure.

  • Circular and sustainable.
  • Modular, expandable & dismountable.
  • Semi-permanent and bio-based structures.
  • High-quality materials and powerful connectors.
  • 30 m floor space and 30 m2 deck space, linkable, stackable and up to four floors.
  • Complete transformable structures.
  • Specially designed for reuse.

If desired the structure can be delivered in accordance with local construction standards.

  • Fully customizable.
  • Various facades and interchangeable add-ons.
  • All facades in various degrees of insulation.
  • Awnings and terras options.
  • Semi-permanent structures for weeks, months or years.
  • Structures can change over time, bigger, smaller, taller.
  • Customize to your own identity, with decoration, window film and printed fabrics.
  • Flexible financial formulas are possible.
  • Optimized transport, 6 to 8 boxes per truck, depending on options, 180 m2 to 240 m2 per truck.
  • Short building and dismantling times.
  • Flexible storage and assembling possibilities.
  • Small areas are needed for storage and assembling.
  • Minimal crew and material needed for construction.
  • Specially designed and patented connectors.

The image on the left, the connectors in one of our structures.